Orpheusk (Marek Mrazik)

Since I started off in the creative industry in 2003 and since then co-founded and run several creative or technology companies under the umbrella of Devin Band. Despite studying Computer Science on University (FMFI UK), I has always been close to creativity and art. My passion always was improving things and connecting the worlds of technology and creativity closer together.

During my studies I was participating on several projects including shooting and editing documentaries, producing music videos for one of the most popular bands in our region. I was involved in projects digitalising art exhibitions (VR) for the Slovak Virtual Gallery. I took part in symposiums under the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava that were aimed to connect and encourage cooperation between computer science students and art students.

In 2005 I co-funded a digital creative agency TRIAD Advertising with a strong focus on technology projects. On top of our commercial work we have designed dozens of art publications, some of them awarded. We were also one of the first in our region to create interactive and technology enhanced exhibitions for the Slovak National Museum. We loved finding the connection between creativity and technology, which led into several tech-experimental projects.

In 2012 I co-funded an TRIAD agency office in Prague counting together more than hundred creatives heads in house. Our creative work was awarded more than hundred awards counting from New York Festivals, Epica awards, Golden Drum to Cannes Lions Festival. Later I co-founded a technology spin-off BRACKETS - a pure technology company focused on agile business tech and new technology products and channels.

I am also the founder of three innovative SaaS products. Kontentino - a Deloitte Fast50 company helping 1000+ clients all over the world to streamline they social media approval workflow. Allfred - a business intelligence solution for connecting the worlds of creative and finance oriented people. And lastly SmartVote - a mobile solution for processing votings on online and hybrid meetings.

Generative Art & Scribblines

Currently I am excited about the possibilities of generative art, and ArtBlocks in particular. It is wiping off the boundaries and connecting technology, creativity and art worlds. My current generative art project: Scribblines (see live prototype and description)